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Alla's Jewlery Boutique

Especially for You

 I sell Jewlery from two Countries: Thailand and Turkey. Thailand uses sterling silver and primarliy natural stones. Thai jewlery is usually rhodium or gold plated to prevent tarnish and adds color accents. Turkey uses sterling silver, bronze, and man-made stones. All stones are individually hand set by excellent craft persons. Rhodium is a very durable, non tarnishing, white metal in the Platinum family of preciious metals. It is used to plate silver and gold jewlery for both color and duarability. Plating is a process of dissolving metal in a liquid and transfering electricity to the surface (ususally metalic) of another material. Filled is a process of layering a precious metal by bonding it over a non-precious metal. The filled layer can vary in thickness and preciousness. I have other ring sizes for most rings in addition to the ones on display. Many of my designs come in expanded sets of Jewlery. In addition to jewlery I have am assortment of handbags in a variety of colors and sizes made by designer, B Makowkski. 


My collection is always changing so please come in and take a look!  -Alla

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